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Answer for question 4422.

Are you more likely to avoid conflict (of whatever kind) or engage it head-on? Is there an instance where you avoided a problem that you now wish you could go back and take a different course of action -- what was the situation and why do you wish you'd handled it differently?
I'm definitely a conflict avoider usually, but if the person is someone I can't or don't want to avoid, I can have a reasonable discussion about it. Sometimes if something irks me enough I might start provoking them unintentionally but would still avoid actually addressing the issue, which is a character flaw for sure. It happens mostly because I'm not great at taking criticism, I just take everything really personally and get extremely insulted most of the time and it's not a great feeling so I basically build my life around escapism.

There's one conflict I wish I had handled differently. It bothers me so much that I never explained to an ex friend why her actions upset me so much. I just provoked her and indirectly insulted her all the time without telling her WHY, and that would have been a shitty way to act even if I would have been more honest about the reason. You just don't treat people like that, ever, even if they insult you first. The proper reaction would have been either a clean breakup without all the drama, or being actual grownups and having a rational honest conversation. But we didn't, so... from her perspective it probably looks like I was just being an awful bigot or something but I honestly had a really good, but very personal reason for having a problem with the things she was saying. I didn't want to tell her the truth because it's so difficult to share something personal with someone that you already have a pretty strained relationship with, but now I wish I had because I'm sure that a) she would have understood and b) ONLY she would have understood. If I ever do want to talk about my issues, I don't really have anyone and it's really hard to accept that knowing I could have avoided this situation. But well, I hope I learned something.

(btw, does anyone know any fun fandom/character memes or something else I could fill to pass the time...? I'd like to write about something but can't think of anything. I feel like talking about Teen Wolf. I think I'll start writing reactions when s5 starts airing but I'm not sure if I'll do it here or if I'll finally start using Tumblr.)
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Is it weird that I'm kinda happy whenever my NOTPs become fully canon, as in, their UST phase is over and the boring relationship stuff starts? I sort of see that as the end of the ship, because the ust/crush/pining phase is so much more shippy and romantic in my eyes, so since I tend to view my NOTPs as inevitable... the sooner they get there, the better. CaptainSwan has been so much more tolerable/more easily ignorable since they became a thing for real. And I hope the same will happen to OutlawQueen :p

also, I seem to have spent the last few days programming a thingy that extracts palettes from two icons and then makes a random combination of those palettes. I hope this will give me new coloring ideas. examples:

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Is this maybe the most useless program you've seen? Do I need a hobby?? I just couldn't get this idea out of my head, so I now this program exists and I have no idea what to do with it, lol.
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Answer for question 4354.

What's your favorite saying or quote? Why does it mean something special to you? How did you come across it?
"Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist." - George Carlin

As much as I like to think of myself as a complex person, this shortish quote basically sums me up, so that's neat. Maybe. I don't know if the quote is trying to understand or make fun of people like me, but whatever, I like it and it's true.

I don't remember how I came across it and tbh I have no idea who this George Carlin person is but a quick browsing of his other quotes made me find some other gems, such as "the reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers I accept." Hell yeah!
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fun day is fun

Guys, sorry I've been away, I know I have some things to reply to and all, I've been super busy with my uni project and work, but now that I finally have a day off I decided to something extra fun! and you know what that means: installing software!! In this case, MediaWiki. Because well, who doesn't want to run their own wiki? ofc I first needed a server software and didn't want to use IIS (which I'm using for the uni project) cause its awful to use and requires so much tweaking and I'm super confused and just couldn't get it to work. So, I did something wild for once in my life, ie installed WAMP, so that now I'm running both Apache and IIS on the same computer! That's not recommended at all but I did change the ports so that Apache listens to something other than 80, so I think everything should be ok.

And, after all that work (I'm not even telling about how I had to reinstall everything because I accidentally deleted my sql server root user, haha. That's just... way too stupid), I FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK!! I have mediawiki now! and I started working on a reaaaally awesome wiki, I'm never going to put it online because it would hardly interest anyone, it's just some place for me to store my own personal history cause I've been looking for some good multimedia format for that for ages and a wiki is perfect with all the linking and knowledge organizing possilibilities!! I swear this is not as narcissistic as it sounds, I'm storing mostly the stuff I shared with my sister. I just have this obsession on knowing exactly when things happened so this is the perfect way for me to store all the details.

So, how's your day? anything special going on? I hope you're having this much fun too but if you're not just go here and install it :> I was actually supposed to make an icon dump today but idk if I can get that done now that I have such an inspiring thing going on.
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(no subject)

Merry Christmas & happy holidays or whatever you want to celebrate!

I'm not much of a Christmas person myself. I just celebrate by capping LOST and organizing the caps into scene-specific folders with the correct transcript files and character tags in each folder, so when I randomize a cap it will be easy to remember the context and possibly get ideas from that. Hope all of you are having a great time too!

I'll continue the meme tomorrow btw, just took these two days off cause christmas and capping project and all :)
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omg excited

Sooo, that icon challenge idea I've been discussing here with a lot of other iconers? IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!! :D


Information & Rules | Suggestion Post | Stake a Claim

I'm so excited and hope a decent amount of people will join! I'm even thinking of possibly making two claims, but I'll save the decision making for the first discussion post! :)

The actual iconing will start 10.8. when the first inspiration post goes up, but there'll be a discussion post tomorrow where people can discuss what to claim, possibly form teams for a shared rewatch, express any thoughts about the comm, or to just discuss anything and everything. See you there hopefully? :D The comm is open for everyone so join if you like the idea!

I know I've again missed a lot of the things happening on my flist, and also have a ton of comments to reply to, I've just been really busy for the past few days with everything involving setting up and planning this comm (and also watching Lost but that's totally a valid thing to do after all that work right?).
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Icon challenge planning

So, now that I've gotten all the fandom stuff out of my system, it's time for icon plans! I posted some very generic initial ideas for a rewatch-based, episode-centric icon challenge comm in this entry; now it's time to go to the details with the planning, and any input is again very much valued cause I don't want to screw a good idea up by executing it all wrong.

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Sorry, I know this is a lot of questions, I just want to hear what others think before deciding anything for certain! I don't expect anyone to comment on all of this, some thoughts on just one or a few of the points mentioned here (or other feedback) would already be really awesome!

Please ask if you have any questions, and also let me know if I left out something important from the previous post, there was a lot to sum up so I might have missed (or misinterpreted) some ideas that were presented!
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Join the fun!

Rules & Information | Round 11 Sign Ups | Round 11 Themes | Round 11 Submissions

I've missed participating in t_r! My personal mission this time around: make a non-fugly set to break my turbo_rumble curse. I mean, both times I've particiated in the past, my sets have been even worse than my average icons of the time. Sooo, hopefully third time's the charm? :D We'll see.

I do know that this is the best place to seek icon-specific concrit, which I haven't gotten (or asked for) in ages, so this should be interesting and helpful. I think (hope) I've grown enough confidence in my work to accept it even if all my icons do horribly in the challenges :D The thing I'm mostly nervous about now is giving concrity votes myself, because the more I develop my own questionable icon skills, the less critical of everyone else I seem to become, idk why, it it seems counter-intuitive. I just feel more and more awkward trying to tell anyone that there's something wrong with their work, cause I don't really think I'm in a position to tell anyone that unless my own stuff is perfect, which it isn't. But then again challenges like this wouldn't be half as beneficial if there were only positive votes, sooo I'll try to do my part as well as I can!

Trust it on me to turn even a freaking pimp post rambly, haha! If you're wondering what happened to me and my icon challenge ideas, the short answer is 'exam week + yet another character crush' and the long answer is long and boring so I'll spare you all and just jump right to the icon challenge plans as soon as I've developed the ideas a bit further. Expect a post soon :>
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watching ESC is my guilty pleasure :D

My favorites this year are Norway, Denmark and most of all the cute hipster from Hungary.

I'm not a big fan of Finland's song. I like the fun energetic performance, but the song is really flat, I'm not expecting us to do very well this year.

I'll get back to all the icon-related business asap!
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good thing I watched that in the middle of the day, it was creeeeeeepy o.O

Still, I'm enjoying SPN a lot, esp the dialogue. and I readjusted my viewing schedule cause otherwise it would have taken me freaking forever to get anywhere. So now instead of each weekday having its own show, I'm using a weighed roulette wheel selection anytime I want to watch something. The wheel is weighed according to the amount of unwatched episodes each of the shows (Lost, SPN, Buffy, OUAT & Classic who) has, so the random chance will favor the humongous shows like SPN and Lost. This way, I'll make decent progress in each of the shows and get a quick start to the longer shows.
(...yes, I know normal people just decide what to watch and when... shutup)

Farscape, Defiance and NuWho aren't in the wheel because FS I'm watching with a set schedule in the rewatch chats, and the other two are the only shows I'm trying to follow at least somewhat keeping up with the airings, so these three are still one ep/week.