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omg excited

Sooo, that icon challenge idea I've been discussing here with a lot of other iconers? IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!! :D


Information & Rules | Suggestion Post | Stake a Claim

I'm so excited and hope a decent amount of people will join! I'm even thinking of possibly making two claims, but I'll save the decision making for the first discussion post! :)

The actual iconing will start 10.8. when the first inspiration post goes up, but there'll be a discussion post tomorrow where people can discuss what to claim, possibly form teams for a shared rewatch, express any thoughts about the comm, or to just discuss anything and everything. See you there hopefully? :D The comm is open for everyone so join if you like the idea!

I know I've again missed a lot of the things happening on my flist, and also have a ton of comments to reply to, I've just been really busy for the past few days with everything involving setting up and planning this comm (and also watching Lost but that's totally a valid thing to do after all that work right?).
Tags: iconing, pimp

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