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Icon challenge planning

So, now that I've gotten all the fandom stuff out of my system, it's time for icon plans! I posted some very generic initial ideas for a rewatch-based, episode-centric icon challenge comm in this entry; now it's time to go to the details with the planning, and any input is again very much valued cause I don't want to screw a good idea up by executing it all wrong.

The comments and votes for the previous post convinced me to pick the 6th idea in the poll, which was:

creating a multifandom challenge comm for episode-specific challenges, type A: a comm where you sign up for a rewatch with a specific show and then post icons and opinions for it as you go, anyone could set their own pace and also decide how often they want to post (a fast watcher could just post a set for a whole season in one post, while a slower one like me could just make a few icons each week). Due to not having deadlines or even any set structure, this comm could hardly have votings. Think of this as a multifandom, less scheduled version of #2! Pluses: this could be a really fun place for different fandoms to meet and for us iconers to get to know each other through the discussions. If it would be possible to have more than one show on the list, I could definitely take something other than Farscape too, maybe SPN since everyone apparently wants me to icon it/talk about it, so why the hell not :D Minuses: if there wasn't much interest, I could again just end up iconing there all by myself and looking silly. Or if this *would* actually take off, the place could get chaotic and difficult to run quickly, and I'd probably need a co-mod. Also, this would mostly just work for those who watch popular shows, as the less known ones probably wouldn't spark discussion. This might also very well become one of those comms that start strong but die quickly, especially if there were no deadlines.

So in short it would be a challenge where everyone claims a specific fandom and then makes a few icons of all the episodes and posts them to the comm and can also discuss the episodes.

The most important thing to decide now is what exactly people would icon after watching an episode; are there themes? Some possible solutions include:
1. static themes (like the 'favorite character' + 'favorite scene' for each episode, such as in this project; this would be the easiest for mods, and I like the fact that it's a natural way to share one's opinions. However, a static structure can easily lead to inactive comms as there isn't anything new every week to get people motivated?)
2. weekly themes (if we go with 3 icons/ep, this option could maybe mean having one technical theme, one interpretative, inspirational or opinion-related theme, and one ac? Or possibly a mix with the static option so that there would be a new technical/interpretative theme each week, but the other two icons would be the same, maybe one AC and one icon about something you liked about the episode particularly much? This would be the most work for mods but could probably keep the comm alive the most efficiently)
3. (monthly?) table of prompts where everyone could pick what to icon and when (thanks raiindust for the idea! This would require lots of work from mods at the start of each month but the other times would be easy. This might be a very inspiring thing for the participants too because it's flexible enough to let people go with which themes they're the most inspired by, and also allow people to skip themes that just don't work for them or their show. My only concern is if this is too loose a structure, can it lead to the effect where people have too many choices so they can't decide what to do?)
4. general theme of the month/week that people would apply to all their icons made that month/week; another great suggestion by raiindust (so, the way I read it - correct me if I'm wrong - is that theme of the week would basically be option 2 but there would only be one theme per week so it would be a bit easier for the mods, yet keep the comm active just as efficiently. Theme of the month would be even easier to maintain, but might work best combined with something weekly happening?)
5. some combination of these
6. something else?

The poll in my previous entry about this suggests that people do want some sort of themes, and that different prompts each week seemed more popular than the static option. I'm not sure how well the poll measures anything though since so few people filled it and it didn't have very many options.
Honestly, I'd be very inspired by any of these options so I'll probably just go with what seems the most popular, so please pick 1-3 of the options in this poll!

Poll #1918214 Theme poll

What sorts of themes would work the best for you?

static themes
weekly themes
table of prompts
general theme of the week
general theme of the month

Then there are some questions about the practical structure of the comm; I think it would be best if everyone just posts their entries as a new comment, the way it happens in icontests, but there's still some stuff to decide:

- how many icons per episode? (this should be a pretty small number, I think the 3 we used with vampire_sessah worked really well. If it's much larger than this, the iconing would slow down the rewatching. It could be even less than this but idk, I'm sort of partial to 3 so I hope it works for others too :D)

- discussion: where does it happen? One possibility would be to encourage everyone to ramble about the episodes in their entries (maybe even with a provided, totally optional form?) which would make it easy to exchange opinions in the comments and to me it would seem like a very natural way to interact, and it would also be a major differentating factor between the entries there and in other icon challenge comms. However the big minus here is that if multiple people claim the same show, the discussions will be divided into multiple entries so idk if everyone wants to share the same opinions in the comments to all those entries... An option that solves this would be that there would be specific discussion posts (weekly?) where people could freely discuss the shows they're watching, but I don't think this sort of thing has ever really worked in any of the other comms that have tried it. So, what do you think? Any other ideas?

- entries: should there be an own entry of X icons for each episode, or should people get to decide the amount of episodes in one entry post? The latter would be more flexible, but might make the comm less neat and more chaotic.

- schedule: the initial idea was to have a free schedule where everyone just sets their own pace, but the poll in my previous post suggests that people actually prefer set schedules? This result surprises me a bit as I thought people would like flexible rewatching more, but then again a set schedule makes it more possible for people who claim the same show to discuss it as they go (if they start at the same time, they can have the whole rewatch at the same pace which does sound like a fun thing, and also a comm without deadlines is often easy to forget about - no reminders for anything - but then again I wouldn't want to turn away those who want to watch and icon more than say one episode per week, or don't have the time for a pace that fast)

- should there be some sort of 'summary posts' for each fandom where the mods would add all the icons iconned for them? Sort of like the table in the BSG project. The plus is that all the icons for one fandom would be easily accessible for someone looking for icons of them, but then again tagging could easily serve this purpose and having these posts would be a lot of work for the mods so I'm not sure the gain would be good enough? I think the only case where these would have actual added value is if we'd pick the static themes options, so they would serve as tables showcasing everyone's opinions of the show in icon form, but since that didn't seem like the most popular option for the themes I'm not sure these posts would be needed - anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts!

- anything else?

Sorry, I know this is a lot of questions, I just want to hear what others think before deciding anything for certain! I don't expect anyone to comment on all of this, some thoughts on just one or a few of the points mentioned here (or other feedback) would already be really awesome!

Please ask if you have any questions, and also let me know if I left out something important from the previous post, there was a lot to sum up so I might have missed (or misinterpreted) some ideas that were presented!
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