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Batllestar Galactica: Mini series

Ok, I've watched the miniseries that starts Battlestar Galactica. I must say I like it a lot, especially as a realistic depiction of a catastrophe. It touched me and made me feel anxious and depressed for all the people, and served as an interesting start to the series.

I made no ship discoveries yet, but my love of my favorite characters just grew stronger. Gaius is such a lovable selfish bastard <3 and Kara is such a joy to watch. I had wondered for a while what exactly Gaius had done to get into the position he is in on third season, but I understand a lot more now (not everything, I'm sure there will be a lot more).

I especially enjoyed the scene where the small ship could only take a few people with it, and they decided to make it a draw. And even more I adored all the hard decisions - especially the one where they have to decide whether to wait for the people to get to safety, risking the whole ship exploding, or flushing the dangerous section out entirely, which they did and which I thought was the right thing to do, but it made a very powerful scene. Another similar thing was the faster than light jump they made, leaving the sublightspeed vessels behind. And Adama's lie about knowing where Earth is.
 Lovely drama, and things like these give the viewer something to think about.

I really loved the reveal in the end that Boomer is one of the cylon models, although I of course knew it already, having seen the third season.

The miniseries was just as heavy and depressing as what I remember from the third season episodes. I loved it but I really hope the whole series isn't like that - sometimes I just want to be entertained and laugh, take a little breath between heavy episodes.

I'm thinking of writing small texts on each BSG episode - not nearly as lengthy as I do with Farscape, I don't have energy for another big project like that, just brief impressions about the episodes :)
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