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Happy new year!!!

I was supposed to put up an end of the year praise post and a progression post and go comment on a lot of gorgeous entries I've seen lately, but with LJ being even wonkier than usual and my tooth still giving me major pain I think I'll leave all that to the following, hopefully better days. Too bad, those would really have been my idea of a new year's party :p

My only real resolution this year is to STOP PROCRASTINATING, because it caused me a lot of stress and feelings of guilt this year.
I also have some iconing resolutions but I'll talk more about them in the progression post maybe.

I love that it's very quiet and peaceful here now, this is surprising cause students usually take any excuse to have loud annoying parties and seeing that I live in a student house I was kinda prepared for worse.

If anyone knows any fun end of the year memes, I'd love to fill some to pass the time =)
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