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Weird stuff #1:

I had a dream where my sister applied to an elite icon comm, not sure which one. She doesn't even make icons! Instead she had this one HUGE... object... a real physical object that she just decided to call an 'icon'. Like a rectangular plate or something. And she sent it via regular mail, somehow, as her application. I wish the dream had continued so I would have gotten to see the response, lol! I mean wtf??? What does this tell about my subconsciousness??

Weird stuff #2:

There was a random naked guy in the corridors last weekend, and he was making an awful lot of noise. He seemed to have no clue about where he was. Not sure if he was on some drugs or just a regular crazy person, but I called the police anyway so they'd get him somewhere where he'd be a) safe/taken care of and b) less of a disturbance to everyone at 12pm! This sounds ridiculous now but it wasn't funny then cause nobody wants to listen to endless yelling (like, from the top of his lungs screaming!) and seriously wtf stuff like 'I'M DEEEEAAADDDD!!!' and 'WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING???? I DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM!!! DON'T KILL ME!!!' (which nobody was trying to...).
I really hope he was just lost, maybe a party guest who wandered off, and not like a new neighbor or something. Also I wonder what happened to his clothes o.O

How is everyone else? Haven't had much time to talk to anyone lately! :p
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