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My computer has been a total pain in the ass for the whole freaking summer and I'm starting to get a bit fed up with it. I just installed some more RAM and it works beautifully, I love how fast it now is, but there has been some malware popping up every now and then, mostly trojans, and it's just not cool at all D:< the whole system is old (haven't changed it since I bought the computer with my graduation money in 2007!), there's all kinds of crap on my system and it's hard to keep track of what came from where and when and what's important, and of course there's the whole load of 'important' windows dren that's impossible to remove. Oh, and something has definitely infected my dvd drive and I can't watch anything except from files. This something was on my startup programs too but I think I stopped it. Still can't get my Doctor Who vids to work though :(

So I decided that if this won't get better very very soon, I'll wipe out everything and start all over and install a Linux this time, possibly Ubuntu. I just hope most of my important programs will work on it, especially Photoshop cause I don't think I could icon without it anymore :( I outright refuse to get a whole new computer though, cause you can make any system as good as new if you know which components to buy. My hardware is fine (especially now with the lovely new RAM, god PS is so fast!!), it's just the software side that's a bit cranky, lol.

Icon randomizer picked a 100% appropriate icon this time! :P
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