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Farscape mini-batch: 12 John&Scorpius icons :D

So this is for the farscape_land challenge 'Through the Years'. The purpose was to showcase how a character or relationship changes through the show, and I, being predictable, chose John & Scorpy not only because it's my otp, but also because the only shippy icon I currently have of it is so old and butt-ugly and I wanted to make some new ones! I don't expect anyone else to want them, but that's quite cool cause it gave me total freedom to do whatever style I myself like with no pressure of pleasing others, that's why these are a bit on the trippy side ;D

The challenge only demanded six icons but I'd feel awkward posting that few in a separate entry so I had to make at least 12.


I know this isn't a big post, but comments would still make me really happy :)

Tags: farscape, icons, icons: farscape, john, scorpius

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