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Farscape season 2 icons for farscape20in20

These are for farscape_20in20 round 17. It was a season round and I picked season 2, obviously, having already iconned s3 and s4, and these three really are my favorites.

Anyway, I MADE IT!!!!!!!!! \o/ I serisously didn't think I would this time. I know I always complain about how busy I am but this time I've been literally programming almost 24/7. But whenever I could afford a little break, I went straight for iconing.
Because of the lack of time, this is my quickest set ever and thus it's far from the best I've done IMO, but I still definitely like them enough to want to post them :) I didn't have time for complexity or coming up with something really new at all, but instead I decided to really work on my on coloring, texture use and lighting this time around, and I hope some of it works for you.

Um, sorry this is a bit Chiana-heavy. She's so gorgeous that she's perfect for iconing. The lack of Scorpy shocks me too :p

* Comments make my day :)
* Concrit is welcome
* If taking anything, credit would be nice but not necessary
* Please don't hotlink
* My resources

Silhouette Favourite Colour Song Lyric Reflection Fight
Required texture Extreme close up Vertical Saturation Negative profile

Hearing Sight Smell Taste Touch

01 02 03 04 05

01 02 03 04 05
06 07 08 09

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