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A look at my first 10 rounds at farscape_20in20

I'm pretty much done with my 16th round entry for farscape_20in20. I'll tweak them a bit and then send them. But before that I'd just like to look back to my first ten(!!!) rounds there. I feel like most of my progress has happened while I've been participating there, I've tried new styles with each set, and no matter what it was, the awesome people there have always been supportive.

Here are the links and previews of my entries, in order of how successful the set was (starting with the one that did best):

1. Round 14
Claim: Season 4
Score: 44.5
Style: super vibrant with some grungy elements
Most popular icons:

Post here

This might be my favorite batch too :) I was just really happy with the colors and textures here, so it was amazing that others liked it too!

2. Round 12

Claim: Character - Harvey
Score: 35.2719
Style: lots of orange and cyan and a grayish tint to many of them. Text on almost all.
Most popular icons:

Post here

I wouldn't place the Harvey set above the newest one, but I did have a lot of fun with this set and was happy with most of them, especially the colorings. There wasn't very creative texture use here, but I think I did well with the text :)

3. Round 15
Claim: Episode - 3x11 Incubator
Score: 31.3562
Style: crazy with textures and text and colorings, lots of monochromatic (it's hard to stop once you've tried it!)
Most popular icons:

Post here

I think this batch is much much more creative than the Harvey one, so I'd definitely place it above it and in some regard I think it's just as good as that 14th round set. Here I pretty much stopped caring about what others think and I think that shows in a positive way :) Give me the experimental set over a commercial one any day!

4. Round 9
Claim: Season 3
Score: 29.7
Style: still quite basic, lots of vibrant colors and starting to use textures more
Most popular icons:

Post here

Oh god, it feels like FOREVER ago when I did this set! It was such a huge step forward from my last set (see the one from round 8...). Not all of the icons are perfectly executed (I was going for vibrant but I think some of my reds especially were left pretty bland), and it's not all that creative (some of my theme interpretations were VERY literal), but it's a set I'm very proud of cause I thought I was much worse than this at that point so I really exceeded myself there! Important point in my icon career, this one, even though it's probably the very 'safest' set I've made :)

5. Round 10
Claim: Episode trilogy 2x19-2x21: Liars, Guns and Money
Score: 29.1636
Style: Really vibrant, lots of basic colors, first half-successful attempts at blending and more complex composition. Most still kind of basic.
Most popular icons:

Post here

I like this set a lot and would place it much higher than the 9th round one (then again the score difference is ridiculously small, so it doesn't really matter :D). I think this is where I learned to color more boldly, and while I know I could maybe tone it down a bit :), I do love vibrancy so this set still pleases my eye.

6. Round 8
Claim: Episodes - the two-parter Into the Lion's Den
Score: 28.4949
Style: Really incohesive and all over the place x) Really, I don't see much in common in these icons. All in all kind of boring and neutral, except maybe my first attempts at blending and blocking (which didn't turn out all that great, but points for trying right? :D)
Most popular icons:

Post here

This set is definitely not a very strong one. This is the exact moment when I learned not to resize stuff in Paint, and only had the time to use the better technique on half of them. That's why half of this set is grainy as a drannit's eema, and the rest kind of blurry. : D Still, this was a HUGE improvement from my first two sets!

7. Round 11
Claim: Episode - Till the Blood Runs Clear
Score: 28.1249
Style: Pastels. 'Nuff said.
Most popular icons:

Post here

Okay, SO not my greatest set. This had one icon - the green Rygel one - that people loved and that alone made the score as high as it is. The rest was pretty much crap (I kind of hate even the ones that ended up winning). I wasn't even a beginner at this point, it was just... bad taste, idk. There's some nice texture use and stuff but the colorings are just baaad, except in the ac set which has lovely colors but sadly image quality problems too :| Let's just pretend this set didn't exist, k?

8. Round 13
Claim: none (this was a different round with no claims)
Score: 28.0094
Style: GLOWY, tried to be more creative than before that point
Most popular icons:

Post here

Oh, this set. Caused me so much stress and trouble. I loved it a lot, and still do. I just really like that vibrant glowy style, and I think this is where I pretty much got the hang of more complex compositions. But seeing how much worse this set did than most of my others, I was sort of devastated there for a while, and couldn't understand why this happened. Now I think it was partly because this round had a different structure - it was all sets and no individual themes, and the themes are where I have mostly collected my points in the past, so not my forte anyway, and I also think that the FS community often tends to favor a simpler, less textured style. So it doesn't bother me anymore and I can be happy with this set :)

9. Round 7
Claim: character - Scorpius
Score: 26.3095
Style: AWFUL UGLY GRAINY, now with way too high contrast on most of them, yay! ^^
Most popular icons:

Post here -.-

Um, yeah. Just imagine how much it pisses me off that I claimed my favorite character when I was this crappy still. I really don't want to claim him again cause FS has so many awesome characters and I want to icon them all, but did I have to be greedy and claim the best one at first? ;_; The only reason this set did pretty well is that that round happened to have the ultimate lowest participant number, so I had three competitors, lol. The only aspect where I improved a bit was coloring, these are better and fit the subject more.

10. Round 6
Claim: Male characters
Score: 25.7389
Style: Grainy ugliness, soft inoffensive colorings, nothing very creative to see here except for one extremely corny ac set. Lots of stupid tiny text.
Most popular icons:

Post here

So this was my first set for the comm, and it's not a very good one, but I'm still glad I got involved in it. I guess this set could have some SLIGHT potential if it wasn't so oversharpened/grainy, but still most of these were quite boring and like I said the ac set that people for some reason seemed to like was seriously WTF. A tacky combination of all things that do NOT fit these characters -.-

* * *

So that was all :D

I'd like to hear your opinions on which entries should have been higher or lower on the list or if there's a style in these you'd like me to go for again? (I may have to throw something at you if you say I was at my best on those earliest two sets though! x) ) I would never do a complete style rollback but I'm always curious to know if people liked my old stuff better and what they would want me to incorporate into my newer sets from the older sets :) I'm not asking about this to do better in polls, I think one of the most positive aspects of improvement for me has been my change of attitude. So the whole listing thing with the scores and all is just for my curiosity, not so that I could use it to scientifically calculate formulas for even more successful sets, lol :D

I hope making a post like this isn't too self-indulgent. If you want, I can totally comment something similar to you of course - give me a few links to some of your icon entries, Farscape or not, and I can list my favorites or something? Anyway I'm just being nostalgic here, I think 10 is a nice round number and the fact that I haven't skipped one round since I first started participating is something to be proud of imo! ^^ I hope you'll like my next entry, I've had lots of inspiration again lately :D (sorta lacked it for the Buffy + BBT icons set, but now it's alive and kicking again!)

Thank you sayuri_x for bringing the comm back and just being awesome at modding, and also similar thanks to regularamanda for the earlier rounds. I hope to see the comm stay alive for a long, long time! ♥
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