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I'm fucked. Really. I have FOUR programming projects and a few other things I need to take care of.

Project 1: most inspiring, but needs the most coding. I'm familiarizing myself with php, CodeIgniter, CSS AND JavaScript all at the same time. It's rewarding and inspiring, but also quite difficult and frustrating at times. Right now having trouble with DOM. I still think my icon site would be the best site concept ever but fear nothing will come out of it cause I'm so slow and stupid. I'm especially concerned that I use CodeIgniter 'wrong', meaning I don't fully exploit its useful functions, but just type plain old regular php and html there. Also I'm redesigning the forms for the hundreth time cause I suck at usability.

Project 2: a python+Django project I haven't even started yet and I have no idea where the dude I'm supposed to do this with has disappeared. STRESS.

Project 3: I FUCKING HATE THIS PROJECT. It's not coding, just architectural designing. Sounds easy? WRONG. It's pretty close to the hardware level which I have NO understanding of whatsoever, and the worst is that I'm doing it with two older and way way WAY more experienced guys who talk like pros and I just sit there silently cause I have nothing to say cause I only get half of what they say, barely. I hate being the most stupid person out of a group. At least when I work with the lazy folks who show up all tired and hungover to the meetings I feel I'm important to the project and worthy and skillful. This project just can't be over soon enough. ;_;

Project 4: This is coding, but it's just old C++ and it's just some object-oriented trickery which I've already done a lot so it won't be much of a problem. I just haven't heard much from my partner here either so I wonder what's up with him.

Why am I posting the most useless post ever? I should be coding. Argh, send me your mad coding skillz please D:
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