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Icon comm: To Do List!

So it looks like at least sayuri_x, bizarra and ghanimasun would be interested in the icon journal thing, which is both amazing and surprising (I really didn't expect anyone to take that bait!). I hope you haven't changed your minds, but if you have, just tell me :) I think four is a great number and still leaves some room for possible expansion later, but I'd like to hear how you guys feel about this? Would you like this Gang of Four (<-- yay, I got to compare us to the amazing GoF! That's the nerdiest reference I've made in a while!), or do you hate each other (:D) or don't think your graphics would go together well? You can also contact me and each other through PM if you don't want to answer this here but I really really hope that's not the case, I mean we're all awesome right? Also please tell me if there's someone else you'd really like to lure in too.

But to get this thing rolling I made a draft about things we need to do now.
  • Come up with a name for the community
  • Pick a layout. Please please please say one of you has ideas for this, I get headaches just from choosing one for my own journal D:
  • Design a banner/header
  • Possibly choose a profile layout
  • Write the profile (not too much work, i think we should keep it short and sweet) and add everyones tags
  • I'd love one of those maker examples pages that any self-respecting icon comm has; if you agree, then each of us should pick a few (5? 10? 12?) of our icons to have represent us on the page
  • We should probably have either one post together or each have their own post where we link back to our previous icons/other graphics, at least the ones we're most happy with? So we'd need to make a link list and write it in a semi cohesive way.
  • Make a resource credit post (should it be combined too or each have their own?)
  • also before we start posting there it's probably best to fix a tagging protocol. Something like 'tv: farscape', 'movie: star wars' etc would be logical but how do we tag things like wallpapers so they're easy to separate from the rest? And which tags are important enough to have that little exclamation mark thingy? :D
  • While the journal probably doesn't really need many userpics (since we're still posting there from our own accounts), it would look ugly without at least one default userpic, so... how do we choose that, or do we make a totally new one, maybe one that just represents the comm (has its name on it or something)?
  • A mood theme? Either a custom one (FS would really rock since it was the thing that got us together :) ) or just opinions about which of the default ones to use.
  • Other stuff? Share your ideas! :)

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