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A quick yay

I've been super busy all week programming that icon site I mentioned earlier (I decided to go with the easier option cause srsly, my php skills are limited and I knew for the other one I would have had to use the livejournal API which I know even less about). Right now I've only managed to do the login and registering functions (pathethic, really - I feel SO guilty for how lazy I've been, maybe in the future I should spend less time iconing and browsing LJ than programming?) and I'm SO confused with CodeIgniter, but can already tell that it's pretty ingenious and will make this project much less painful in the end.

So anyway, I showed the first steps to my instructor and he said it was very well done, especially since I've never done php before and just a few days ago took the first look at CodeIgniter. He gave me major props for trying it anyway.

I feel this is going to go well, and am really proud of myself :) The only thing I'm a bit worried about is will he get my vision at all? I mean he probably doesn't even kn ow what iconing IS and that there are people who are passionate about it and would like such a service. I'm already ashamed to even think of the day I have to explain my idea. Any ideas how I might convince him that it's not crazy?

Also, I have both farscape_20in20 and big20in20 to do in about a week. Have done exactly one icon for farscape20in20 and about 5 or 6 for big20in20. Unless a miracle happens, I'll probably have to skip farscape20in20 :( Makes me really sad cause I had claimed such an amazing episode. Of course I'll try, so this is not me giving up ;) but don't be too surprised if it doesn't happen.

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