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What a nightmare....

So apparently I have a few too many images stored on ImageShack, and by 'a few' I mean 3100. And I have until 1st March to fix things so that the 3100 oldest images getting deleted won't cause too much damage, unless I will upgrade my account or something. I don't even D: D; I guess 2$/month wouldn't be a horribly bad price but I'm just so freaking pissed off at this random move that I really REALLY don't want to pay. Nope. I'll find a better site and put my icons there. I already have a Photobucket account, and for what I know there's only the size limit of 500MB and that's not likely to get filled up very soon since icons are really small in size. Just not in quantity in my case.

But hey, this is a great opportunity to purge my journal from those horrid older icons, lol. There's no way I'm wasting time and effort on them now, I have my hands more than full with saving the better stuff.

Still, they could have warned me a *little* earlier, you know? *headdesk*

See icon for a better description of my initial reaction to this...

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