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31 January 2012 @ 06:42 pm
Season 4 icons for farscape_20in20  
This is my set for the 14th round of farscape_20in20. My claim was season 4. The category set is especially dedicated to virkatjol, who gave me some caps for inspiration. I hope you like them, and I'll icon the rest too at some point! :D

Okay, I must say I'm really happy with this set. I actually think it's my best this far and obviously hope someone agrees :') After not seeing my last set do all that well I *really tried* to do something simple for this round, but in the end it just felt wrong and fake and I couldn't stop myself from doing the things I really wanted to do, even if it meant a smaller likelihood of success. So this set is pretty much a representation of the way I'd like to go now, which makes me especially nervous about this. I especially loved the whole Rainbow theme and thought a b&w AC set would be a nice contrast with it! :)

* Take any you want.
* Credit john_scorpy if used.
* Don't hotlink.
* I love comments!
* Concrit is welcome, a comment doesn't have to be all hearts and roses. If something doesn't work for you, I'd rather hear it straight and direct in the comments than just see it from the polls, because if I know the *reason* an icon doesn't do well, I might learn from it, and learning is a huge part of why I even icon! :P
* My resources.


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a random javascript function: aeryn profilejsfunction on February 3rd, 2012 02:20 pm (UTC)
Haha, literal-mindedness is a really common trait among guys! We don't have your interpretation skills :D Good to know you didn't mean it that way though, even though I still would have listened to and respected your opinion either way!

Even though it feels good to see icons win (OMG, I did not expect to win much last month. Wasn't my best set. LOL) and it's kinda frustrating when you see an icon you thought was SO GOOD and everyone complimented it..get no votes.
YES. THIS. WOOOORD. :'D It's soooo much better to hear straight and direct something like 'I like these, but not enough to actually see myself voting for them; maybe you could try using more blue/Chiana/text with this font/whatever and I'd like them more', than it is to get comments like 'these are the best ever I LOOOOVE them!!!' and then see that the same people hardly voted for them at all. It makes me feel like they say that to everyone (...which they do, which makes the words lose their meaning), and that they aren't really honest :/ I'm completely fine with people not thinking I'm the best at everything, but I'm not fine with people giving false hope of great victory, LOL :D Give me realistic expectations so I won't be crushed when I see my sets do as horribly as they did the last round! I mean when sayuri_x and _happyme_ didn't enter, and after getting such overwhelming praise for my sets, I sort of thought I had it in the bag :') To see that not happen was actually really humiliating and awful (...being a sore loser is another guy trait, isn't it? :P). I'd almost like to write "please reserve the word 'love' for icons you could see yourself voting for; otherwise use more neutral expressions such as 'like', 'nice', 'decent', and 'fine'" whenever I post a 20in20 set, but I won't, because I don't want to sound picky about comments. I still do love every comment I get, even if they're misleading. It's 100000 times better than nothing, still.

The worst is that everyone probably thinks they're being nice when they do this, while in fact it would be so much nicer to give honest, realistic feedback :/

You know, I think you had really bad luck with that AC set. Round 12 had as many as nine competitors, and the level of skill was off the charts - one of our best rounds this far, IMO. So on another round I'm sure your set would have done great; I liked it enough to snurch one and that always says a lot! :)

I mean, I would LOVE to know where my shortcomings are in my icons. (aside from darkness, which I AM working on! LOL My stuff is a lot brighter than it used to be once I learned the trick. LOL) And what of mine gets votes vs what doesn't.
I'll comment more thoroughly soon but I'll just say for now that I love where you're going with the brightness. So much improvement! I don't think your new icons are dark at all, so if you want improvement, that is clearly not the area to improve anymore.

If you're interested in learning more about what works and what doesn't in your sets, I suggest calculating your IOSes; that's a mathematical, exact way I've developed for success comparisons between different sets :D Has helped me a lot.

Sorry for the rant, you just happened to trigger something with your true words :')
Bizarra: Aeryn Artist choice 2bizarra on February 4th, 2012 01:09 pm (UTC)
See, you start talking math and my brain explodes. :) I'm terrible when it comes to numbers. (I have issues with remembering numerical sequences.. (like my phone number? fuggeddaboutit! That's why it's programmed into my cell phone. LOL) I once had a work phone extension that was 345. It took me YEARS to remember that number. it wasn't until I looked and saw it was 3, 4, 5 that I actually remembered it. I was thinking of it as three hundred forty five. and not the numerical sequence. O.o. LOL Me and numbers are not a good combo. At all. So what I'm saying is.. that post was in a foreign language to me, and my translator microbes failed. LOL

Last round I didn't think I did very well because I iconned outside of my box. I was stunned to see my Chiana set placed. And that one of them had tied for first place in individual. It always makes me feel good when I place anywhere in the voting. Because I never expect it. LOL Even 3rd place makes me squee. LOL

I'm looking forward to the LIMS results because I KNOW that icon was not my best. I should have gone with my first one but... eh... :)

Yeah, Round 12 was a big one, and some of the AC sets were really amazing in that one. I don't follow the voting..beyond when i myself vote, then I see how I am doing, though since I am online pretty much constantly, I tend to vote right away and only one or two others have voted. So it's not really following it. LOL So I truly am surprised when I win anything, or I have an icon in a tie breaker.

LOL It's OK.. rant away. :) That AC set was really the only one I was disappointed in not winning anything because it go so many kudos, I expected at least third. LOL
a random javascript function: aeryn backjsfunction on February 4th, 2012 03:03 pm (UTC)
LOL, sorry for breaking your brain!! :D I love maths and numbers so much! I know I often try to measure/calculate things that can't be calculated, like how good an icon is. So yeah, numbers & maths = one of my favorite things right after icons, scifi and computer programming :3 You know, if you really are interested, I could calculate some of them for you and just share the results in an understandable way (I doubt you'd get much out of individual index numbers, but maybe a list of like top ten most liked icons from you or something like that could be more beneficial?)

I'm looking forward to the LIMS results because I KNOW that icon was not my best. I should have gone with my first one but... eh... :)
I've actually been trying to guess which icons are whose just for fun, but I have absolutely no idea which is yours. Anyway I'd be REALLY surprised to see you go first, so I don't think you need to worry about that. I'm personally hoping for second place in this first challenge (there's one icon there that's just so frelling gorgeous that it would be injustice if mine won over it, and I can't wait to hear who made it so I can snurch it). I had lots of fun with my first icon, but I bet the stress level will rise when the competition gets harder! If you don't mind me asking, what are your expectations of the LIMS? I'm of course in it to win it, but very much doubt I will. There are at least two or three iconers there that I know for a fact will be there on the last round, and I'm not one of them. But as long as it's truly a deserving winner with great technical skills and creativity, I'll humbly accept it (and plan my taking over for the next round, ha!) :D

I'm more surprised about which icons of mine win than about the winning itself - it seems that icons I made in five minutes or so often do better than the ones I spend 2 hours on! Like the Wayne Pygram OOC thingie (that actually tied with sayuri_x's)? Totally a 5-minute icon, and the weak link in that Harvey set IMO :'D And then I have some icons that I think are awesome and then they get no votes at all. It always puzzles me, but I guess people just have different tastes - I tend to think that the icons of mine that best showcase whatever 'skill' I have should win, the most experimental/creative ones with a lot going on and different colorings, while it seems that the most basic icons of mine that anyone could make (see: that Aeryn closeup I had in my Main Characters set the last round) do well o___O Sometimes I think people vote more according to their personal likes and dislikes than which icon they think actually shows most skill!

LOL, I check the polls at least twice a day to see where I stand :DD I'd love to be as relaxed about it as you - wanna share your secret??
Bizarra: Vala Carefreebizarra on February 4th, 2012 03:39 pm (UTC)
I generally vote two ways... I look for icons that just blow me away in terms of eye-catching and gorgeous. That could be technique, texture, crop and to a lesser extend character.

I tend to vote subject/character really only if there's not an icon that screams. wow, this looks amazing. In other words... it's a low priority.

I generally have an idea on what I may vote for when I look at folks icons after they post them... and then when you see them all together in the poll, it gives them ways to measure against other ones. And still I go for what catches my eye.

I know the friendly competition that I feel like I have with you has made me look at how I use textures and I've been playing around more. I used a lot of textures in my AC set this time in ways that I don't normally, so it's fun to try new things and feel like I am improving.

Your two profiles, is similar to the double exposure wallpapers I did for a big Bang a few months back (the first 20 wallpapers) Because the examples that gave in the "inspiration" posts just said to me.. OOH, I want to try that! And that icon is making me do the same thing. I want to try that. I wish there was something like inspirations20in20 for wallpapers. There could me, I'll have to go look. As much as I enjoy doing icons, i love doing wallpapers, because there's so muh room to do more. I often find myself limited by the 100X100 dimensions. (which is part of
the challenge too for me)

And I really hope Sayuri_x (being too lazy to code.. you know her journal link. LOL) is able to post more ep caps. I've been doing a lot of Aeryn icons and because everyone uses the same images over and over, I have been trying to find different ones that we don't normally see. (Which was my goal in my AC set this month... pics of Aeryn we don't normally see)

For the Lims.. Yeah, I've been trying to guess too... Erin and I both did the.. OK, I've voted, which one is yours? LOL (in secret ballots like that, we always wait until we've each already voted before divulging icons. There are some amazing icons there, Mine is definitely not one of the best, I can tell you that. LOL I HOPE I don't go out this round, simply for a crappy choice I made. LOL But then, who knows... my icon may be one of the wining ones... in which case I will make the voters have their eyes checked. LOL

LOL usually having a million things happening at once keeps me from checking the polls all the time. Then I eventually forget about it. I'm certainly in it to win, but mostly to have fun. Winning is just gravy. :)
a random javascript function: aeryn chianajsfunction on February 5th, 2012 10:56 am (UTC)
I tend to vote subject/character really only if there's not an icon that screams. wow, this looks amazing. In other words... it's a low priority.

As it should be :) When I said I think people vote according to their likes/dislikes I meant more something like 'I like icons with close crops more than faraway crops, so I'll vote for them', even though any crop can look good if used well and any cropping style can fail if not used well. And the same goes for textures, colorings, composition etc - it shouldn't be about which styles we like the most, but about who has executed whichever style they chose the best! Like, I feel that a lot of people appreciate simplicity over complexity, while I think complexity should only be a reason not to vote for something if it isn't executed well, in which case it would be best to let the maker know why it isn't :) I mostly vote for the technical aspects - image quality (like sharpen/blur ratio), use of resources/other techniques (not quantity, but quality), contrast, coloring, composition, and to a lesser degree crop and creativity and the 'idea' behind it.

Your two profiles, is similar to the double exposure wallpapers I did for a big Bang a few months back (the first 20 wallpapers) Because the examples that gave in the "inspiration" posts just said to me.. OOH, I want to try that! And that icon is making me do the same thing. I want to try that.
OMG, I'm so flattered :') Inspiring others is the third best thing an icon can accomplish (the best being that someone uses it and the second best that it wins). Also the fact that I've inspired you to try playing with textures more? AMAZING. I'm really glad to hear that!

I wish there was something like inspirations20in20 for wallpapers. There could me, I'll have to go look. As much as I enjoy doing icons, i love doing wallpapers, because there's so muh room to do more.
I'm pretty sure there isn't, just because 20 wallpapers in 20 days sounds kind of impossible (to me at least, lol! I have a hard time making just one). But I'm pretty sure there are regular wallpaper contests somewhere.

About the LIMS, I actually thought your icon was one of the best. I'm not sure if we're allowed to actually tell which ones we voted for but let's just say that I definitely liked it a lot - even many of the aspects that others criticized. It wasn't a 'safe' icon which I always respect - it would be so muich easier to just make a regular close crop with natural but still vibrant colors, and without many visible textures. That's probably the recipe for getting to be the last one standing, because nobody dislikes that sort of icons. But you chose a different, more original and risky way, which I respect, and I really liked the texture use, which you seemed to be unsure of. It reminded me a lot of your wallpapers.
Bizarra: Aeryn colorful smilebizarra on February 5th, 2012 03:22 pm (UTC)
That's actually because I tried something that works with my wallpapers, but it didn't with the icon. I used one of the space textures I have ... cropped it and tried it with that image and the one with john. Of the two, that one I liked best, but once put together with the rest of the icons, it showed just how dark it turned out. I feel like I shouldn't have done an experiment with a LIMS icon, but.. eh.. LOL

I'm glad you liked it, thank you! I really liked yours as well. Loved the way the mirrored image was done. I was fine with the color, because it added a nice bright contrast to the color of the cap itself.

Oh I wasn't thinking 20 wallpapers in 20 days... more like a single or two wallpapers per challenge. I'm the only crazy person who makes 20 wallpapers in 3 days I think. LOL I think it would be fun. Not sure how well something like that would go over.. but I might propose something like it as club_farscape. Or the farscape comm itself.. :)

I love finding new techniques I like and want to try. It gives me something new to play with and something new to learn. Fortunately the mask/blending technique is one I am familiar with, so I can probably find some screencaps to try. :)

I did that with animated wallpapers. LOVED the concept... NEEDED to try it. I've done the one do far.. (Chiana) though my program doesn't like full size walllpapers being animated. It grumbles that it's too big, so I have to settle for the smaller size until I find a program or figure out a way to do a bigger one. (Not that I can actually USE them as wallpapers, so maybe it's good that they're smaller. LOL)