a random javascript function (jsfunction) wrote,
a random javascript function


(No, really. You should join.)


If you like Farscape or iconing, and the excitement that friendly competition brings, you should check it out (even if you don't know what a LIMS is - the rules will shed some light on that, don't worry! ^^).

Or if you have no other reason to join, JUST DO IT TO MAKE ME HAPPY OK? :D Cause I kind of suggested this, so I feel it's my responsibitlity now to lure enough people in so we can have a nice long round :)

Iconers of all skill levels are welcome. It's probably most beneficial for beginners cause you get real advice there. And also I think pretty much everyone would benefit from the course to concrit giving.

tl;dr? In short, JUST JOIN IF YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN WITH ICONS. It isn't that serious so no need to stress about eliminations too much. ^^

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