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Round 11 farscape_20in20 icons: Till the Blood Runs Clear

So, here comes my entry for the 11th farscape_20in20 round, in which we had to choose something from the 1st season as our claim. I think some bad luck curse was on me for the whole round, because first everyone claimed all my favorite episodes while I was sleeping, so I was left with the best of the rest, Till the Blood Runs Clear - I honestly wasn't too inspired by this episode at first, I only picked it because it had some visually nice scenes (so much light!).

The bad luck continued when I realized that another iconer had already used the very scene I had planned on using on my category set, so once again I had to settle for a less optimal choice. I know it's technically ok to have the same claim/scene as someone else, but I just didn't want to - I felt that would have created too much of a competition between the sets if they were from the same episode, for example :)

But hey, I guess the point of these icon communities is to challenge oneself and not to be able to use all my 'first choices' deifinitely made it more challenging, and I ended up enjoying it. Despite all this bad luck, this round actually went much smoother than the last one for me. This set is a bit different from what I usually make, I ended up using so much light and bright and pastelly colors, I guess the general lightness of the episode appealed to some hidden camp gay part of my personalitiy, lol :D I hope you enjoy!


Take any you want, credit if used, don't hotlink and please leave feedback :)


Large Text Green Blend Colour Splash Full Body
Quiet Passion Minor Character Slash Name

Category: Same Scene

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Artist's Choice

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5


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