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Farscapeland is awesome

...which is why you should join too! Now would be a great time since the next phase is starting veeery soon!!!!


^That's where you go. Click it. Just click. You'll love it. The challenges are awesome, the people even more so ^^ ^^ ^^ You don't even have to do every challenge, just do what interests you the most and trust me, many of them WILL interest you :D There's something for everyone; games, puzzles, writing, graphics, group challenges... anything you can think of related to Farscape!!

Do you love Farscape? Do you love landcomms Do you like one and want to know more about the other? WELL THIS IS JUST WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! farscape_land farscape_land farscape_land farscape_land FAQ and Rules | JOIN A TEAM


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