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Today, we have a very random bunch of icons. (Anyone surprised? No? :P) First we have some Crais - it's been so long since I posted Crais icons, and he's a great character! Then there's three icons of Stark and Aeryn, who I think had such weird, interesting interaction that I wish we had seen a bit more of it. Then there's a random Chiana/Jack icon just to creep everyone out.

Here is also my entry for the 14th farscape_land challenge, Prompt If You Will. The idea was that everyone was given two prompts and you could either write or make icons. My prompts were:

1) Part of a whole (not showing the whole person or thing but merely part of it)
2) "To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart." -Charles Dickens

The first one was too easy, because how often do icons actually feature the whole body of a person? So I decided to make it harder by interpreting the face of a person as the subject of the icon, so the icons shouldn't feature the whole face of anyone. The second one was a lot harder, though, because Farscape characters like to keep their secrets until they can't anymore! They're a secretive bunch! :D I still wanted to try though so I tried to represent visually some moments of closeness and sharing, be it something as beautiful as Unity or just casual gossiping ;D

The same rules as always: take any you want, credit if used, comments make my day and don't hotlink please :)

//18.2.2012: Crais icons and a few others removed, but they were ugly anyway.


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Part of a Whole
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