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Wow!!! What a light bulb moment!

I've been wondering how come everyone else has these smooth yet not too blurry icons, and why I have problems with oversharpened-looking pictures even if I don't actually sharpen them. And then it hit me - I have to resize the image in Photoshop if I want it to become HQ as a smaller pic. This far I've done the resizing IN PAINT :'D just because it's so easy and I always found the Photoshop process of resizing the image size first and then the size of the document quite complicated and annoying, and I really didn't know it matters where I resize the image. Well, it does and now my icons look 100000% better!!! It's so cool :DD and since I made an action out of it, it doesn't even take that much time and effort anymore (though that only works when I use my most common resizing factor). 

The sad thing is that I have hundreds of unpublished icons I've made with the old process, and I still want to post many of them before I get to the new stuff, but at least I now know the secret of those really cool icons everyone else makes ;)

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