September 4th, 2017

no savior

Photobucket SUCKS

This is old news to everyone else but I haven't been around so I was blissfully ignorant of this MAJOR DISASTER WTF. Photobucket already sucked big time, I stopped using it in 2015 because of all the SLOWLY loading ad-filled pages you had to view instead of just showing the icon directly like you can do with basically all decent image hosts. But that still leaves all my 2012-2015 icons at PB, in danger of disappearing soon.
Now I've spent a few days reuploading my icons and replacing old links. The good thing is I can still see all my old icons so either they're still showing for some users, idk why, or maybe these images are coming from some sort of cache or are only visible to the uploader. This makes it easier to see what goes where, but fuck this, seriously. My wrist hates all this extra clicking around, I had soooo many icons at PB :| but much worse than having to reupload everything is the fact that I can no longer see a lot of the old icon posts I always admired from iconers who are long gone and probably won't reupload.
There's one silver lining here and it's that this gives me a reason to revisit all my previous icons and see that I have indeed made some progress even though it often feels like I'm completely stagnant. I'm now done reuploading my 2012 icons, next moving onto 2013 (which I kinda dread cause that was my major breakout year so maybe they'll be better than my current posts, which would suck, or maybe I just remember them being better than they actually were, which would also be a bit disappointing :p). But year 2012 definitely reminded me that I've (HOPEFULLY) made a lot of progress.

I know I have a lot of iconers and other graphics makers on my flist so what are your plans, if you used PB? Are you just leaving the links broken or are you reuploading? I think I'll only reupload icons. Unfortunately I'm probably gonna sacrifice my old tutorial step illustrations because those tuts are old, nobody is going to read them anymore.
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