June 11th, 2016

rinharu just you and i

the process of shipping

Does anyone else find it weird when people rationalize their ships? I often see in fandom discussions that when asked why they ship something, people give reasons like:

- they would work so well together
- they would be good for each other
- the show would make more sense if they were together
- they would make each other happier than their current partners
- they complete each other

etc. That's just so weird to me, as if shipping is something rational where you can just pick what you want to ship. For me shipping is literally just the feeling of SQUEEE when two characters interact. It's not rational at all, it's 100% an emotional reaction, so if someone asked me why I ship something, the best answer I can give is just to say that their scenes titillate me, I see sparks between them, their angsting over erach other really hits me in the feels etc. This is why it makes no sense to me to judge other people's ships. Would I choose healthier ships if I could? Would I make my ships more diverse in terms of representation? I don't know, I probably wouldn't ship anything if that was the process. Being able to just pick my ships would make it so boring, there would be no passion.