November 13th, 2014

t-bag: they always try to run away

fun day is fun

Guys, sorry I've been away, I know I have some things to reply to and all, I've been super busy with my uni project and work, but now that I finally have a day off I decided to something extra fun! and you know what that means: installing software!! In this case, MediaWiki. Because well, who doesn't want to run their own wiki? ofc I first needed a server software and didn't want to use IIS (which I'm using for the uni project) cause its awful to use and requires so much tweaking and I'm super confused and just couldn't get it to work. So, I did something wild for once in my life, ie installed WAMP, so that now I'm running both Apache and IIS on the same computer! That's not recommended at all but I did change the ports so that Apache listens to something other than 80, so I think everything should be ok.

And, after all that work (I'm not even telling about how I had to reinstall everything because I accidentally deleted my sql server root user, haha. That's just... way too stupid), I FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK!! I have mediawiki now! and I started working on a reaaaally awesome wiki, I'm never going to put it online because it would hardly interest anyone, it's just some place for me to store my own personal history cause I've been looking for some good multimedia format for that for ages and a wiki is perfect with all the linking and knowledge organizing possilibilities!! I swear this is not as narcissistic as it sounds, I'm storing mostly the stuff I shared with my sister. I just have this obsession on knowing exactly when things happened so this is the perfect way for me to store all the details.

So, how's your day? anything special going on? I hope you're having this much fun too but if you're not just go here and install it :> I was actually supposed to make an icon dump today but idk if I can get that done now that I have such an inspiring thing going on.