June 1st, 2013

t-bag: they always try to run away

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I've missed participating in t_r! My personal mission this time around: make a non-fugly set to break my turbo_rumble curse. I mean, both times I've particiated in the past, my sets have been even worse than my average icons of the time. Sooo, hopefully third time's the charm? :D We'll see.

I do know that this is the best place to seek icon-specific concrit, which I haven't gotten (or asked for) in ages, so this should be interesting and helpful. I think (hope) I've grown enough confidence in my work to accept it even if all my icons do horribly in the challenges :D The thing I'm mostly nervous about now is giving concrity votes myself, because the more I develop my own questionable icon skills, the less critical of everyone else I seem to become, idk why, it it seems counter-intuitive. I just feel more and more awkward trying to tell anyone that there's something wrong with their work, cause I don't really think I'm in a position to tell anyone that unless my own stuff is perfect, which it isn't. But then again challenges like this wouldn't be half as beneficial if there were only positive votes, sooo I'll try to do my part as well as I can!

Trust it on me to turn even a freaking pimp post rambly, haha! If you're wondering what happened to me and my icon challenge ideas, the short answer is 'exam week + yet another character crush' and the long answer is long and boring so I'll spare you all and just jump right to the icon challenge plans as soon as I've developed the ideas a bit further. Expect a post soon :>