July 17th, 2012

t-bag: they always try to run away

Computer problems part 2 + icon notes

Sooo it looks like my registry cleaning kinda helped with the whole freezing issue, but I'm still getting random Blue Screens of Death and reboots. The BSOD I usually get mentions memory and from reading stuff from others having experienced these things I'm leaning towards a faulty RAM stick now. Which is bad because I really don't know how to deal with hardware, I'm a software guy k? ;_; I'll still try this myself though cause what IT student would just give up and take the thing to a repair shop? NOT ME, YOU HEAR THAT! :P Nope, I'm going to open my computer and remove one ram stick at a time to see which is the faulty one and then I guess I'll replace it. I'm actually a bit excited too cause hey an opportunity to learn more about this side of computers that has been the most unfamiliar area to me this far. Well good for me for focusing on the bright side, no? :D

Anyway if this doesn't work I'll probably just buy a new one cause really there's no point in taking this rusty old machine to an overpriced rep shop anymore and I've wanted a laptop anyway so this would be a perfect excuse. That might take some time though and I can't work that well on a computer that reboots randomly all the freaking time so if I'll be less online now and possibly have to skip some of my icon challenges, this is the reason. Too bad cause what I've made for the current round at farscape_20in20 this far is pretty neat imho!

Oh and when I get this fixed, I plan on posting all my turbo_rumble round 7 icons + farscapelims icons and new versions of them (modified according to the concrit they got!). I'm really proud for getting bronze at the LIMS though, of course I would have liked to win but I actually got a lot further than I expected (there were many more specific competitors I was sure I'd lose to). Excited about the next round though, it's sooo close, I'm definitely signing up :)

Oh, and about turbo_rumble - why don't you all participate? New round is here and there's plenty of time to still sign up :) FOUR THEMES MADE UP BY YOURS TRULY TOO, so make me feel good by giving them a try? :DDD

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