June 4th, 2012

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20 Farscape icons (Chiana & Sikozu)

Omg, yet another last minute set (well, almost). This is becoming a bad habit. Anyway thanks sayuri_x for the extra time, I finally got my set done.

So these are for the 18th round of farscape_20in20 (I can't believe we've had that many!!) and it was a couple round. My couple was Chiana and Sikozu which is logical cause they're the cutest ever. THIS TWO CHARACTERS THING WAS WAY HARDER THAN IT SOUNDS THOUGH. I can't do almost any of the stuff I usually love to do and think I do decently if I have to cram two people into them all! :p but it was a fun challenge anyway and I made it even more challenging by deciding that all of my blocking/blending set icons would be blending rather than blocking, since blending is way more out of my comfort zone. But since I also love blocking, I did some of that for the other sets :) win-win scenario!

Oh and 'ns' = negative space.

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