May 20th, 2012

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40 icons (20 Willow for character20n20, 20 misc for inspired20in20)

Ok, I really wouldn't have had the time for this round. I had an exam week at uni and a ton of programming deadlines too, so everything has been a bit crazy and super busy for the last few weeks. Yet still I couldn't just give up and say 'nah, gonna pass this round', nope. Instead, I tried to make two full sets, one for character20n20 and one for inspired20in20, in two days. This was damn near impossible cause usually I'm slow as a slug when iconing. Soooo these are really not my strongest sets, actually some of these icons are so bad i'm a bit ashamed to post them, haha. But I think *most* are fine enough for being made that quickly and I really don't want to skip rounds at comms I like this much, so here we go.

I guess I'm into super vibrant colorings and bigger contrast and glowy things again? :p

My claim for character20n20 was the lovely and cute Willow Rosenberg :)
At inspired20in20, the theme was 'picturesque', and it was really nice combining different fandoms and even ones I've never iconned before! I really liked the idea of having to use caps picked by others, I would have liked to icon way more than ten of them.

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