May 7th, 2012

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25 Battlestar Galactica icons for big20in20

I should be programming. Instead, I'm posting icons. Thus the mood :p

An icon set for big20in20. My claim was Battlestar Galactica and the theme for this round was geometry, which pretty much gave me an icon orgasm cause FUCK YEAH GEOMETRICAL SHAPES + ME = OTP. I MAY HAVE TAKEN THE THEME A TINY BIT LITERALLY IN THE AC SET, EH? But no regrets, lol!
Also the theme gave me an excuse to block for my life. Not that I need excuses, I'm just happier when I have one ;)
The only thing I didn't love was that I couldn't find really HQ BSG caps, so if the image quality here seems a bit fracked up, it's because it is. :p I still love the show so I didn't want to change my claim, but I'm not sure I'll be iconing it that much in the future.

But yeah, all in all I'm actually really happy with this set (well except the category maybe), and hope you find something about it enjoyable as well. ♥

Category4 + alts 2 & 3 were obviously inspired the amazing library_of_sex, cause she shares my weird love for triangles and also sorta dared me to use those lovely triangle textures by innocent_lexys. My first two attempts (the alt ones) were very much following her style, which is completely intentional and full credit to her :D just wanted to see if I could do anything in that style (WHICH I ADORE TO BITS AND PIECES), after which I felt confident enough to try something less copycatty and thus category4 was born :3

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