April 30th, 2012

sq yellow grunge

Farscape season 2 icons for farscape20in20

These are for farscape_20in20 round 17. It was a season round and I picked season 2, obviously, having already iconned s3 and s4, and these three really are my favorites.

Anyway, I MADE IT!!!!!!!!! \o/ I serisously didn't think I would this time. I know I always complain about how busy I am but this time I've been literally programming almost 24/7. But whenever I could afford a little break, I went straight for iconing.
Because of the lack of time, this is my quickest set ever and thus it's far from the best I've done IMO, but I still definitely like them enough to want to post them :) I didn't have time for complexity or coming up with something really new at all, but instead I decided to really work on my on coloring, texture use and lighting this time around, and I hope some of it works for you.

Um, sorry this is a bit Chiana-heavy. She's so gorgeous that she's perfect for iconing. The lack of Scorpy shocks me too :p

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