April 12th, 2012

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Icon comm: let's continue!

I've seen all three of you (ghanimasun, bizarra and sayuri_x ) around somewhat much lately so I thought this would be a good time to continue planning for that awesome icon comm we'll set up ;)

Sorry I've been so lazy with this stuff! I'm still busy, but I figured I probably won't be any less busy until summer, and this can't wait for that so let's try to get things done now! :)

What we still need to do/decide (important suff in bold, the rest is stuff we don't need to worry about before the comm is in action):
  • name. 'froonium' gained a lot of support but unfortunately that one is taken :/ '_froonium_' would be available though. Another one that seemed somewhat popular was 'unreal_reality'. It's pretty much up to ghanimasun, who was the only one who didn't comment on the froonium business ;)
  • layout. ghanimasun narrowed my various suggestions down to these: 1, 2, 3, 4 Which were my favorites anyway :) Do the rest of you like some of these? I'm still open to other suggestions though.
  • Desing a banner/header. This should be done after we pick a layout. I'm not sure what I have in mind though. I've seen really cool headers with icon collages so that's one possibility, but also something with the community name and something Scapey on it would be cool. What do you think? Let me know if you want to be the maker. If none of you wants to I can do it but I'd definitely suggest sayuri_x for this job just because she's the only one I remember seeing banners/headers/something like that from and those are always cool. (Thinking of farscape_20in20 here)
  • Profile layout, there were no link suggestions yet
  • Writing the profile - I think a profile layout with four separate sections would look really cool - what I mean is something like the one I have, it has three but one with four would be perfect for us, so everyone could have their own short section there and could just write that for themselves. Also what do you think, should the profile have maker examples or should there be a separate post for it (or both, maybe the profile having just 3-5 from each and the actual post a but more?)
  • Maker example page, but we can do this stuff after actually creating the comm. Still, start thinking about which ones of your icons/other graphics you'd like to put there :) If you have no idea what to put there, I have a lot of opinions to offer and I'm sure the others are willing to help too! I definitely am open to suggestion there.
  • Lists of previous work, but this should be easy and quick to do after the comm is created (oh, don't worry, I won't ruin the rep of the comm by linking to those godawful early icons ;D I've pretty much removed them anyway...)
  • Resource credit post, which should be really easy to do
  • Decide which default icon we'll use for the journal. Since it's a community, we won't be actually using its icons, but comms with the blue default guy icon as the userpic look really ugly imo, so there should be at least one icon. Something simple with the comm name on it would be fine imo.
  • A mood theme would be great. I can't find any fascape ones, but we can definitely have any default one in the start and I could probably make a FS one in summer. (I'll do it any way, cause I'm in desperate need of a GOOD FS mood theme. As you may have noticed, my first attempt was awful, but that was when I hadn't made a single icons, so I'm hoping I won't suck that much this time.)
Also we already fixed a tagging protocol. The basic protocol is 'fandom media: fandom', such as 'tv: farscape'. We're using a tilde (~) as a prefix for graphic types (~icons, ~wallpapers, ~tutorial, ~textures etc) and an exclamation mark for more personal stuff, most notably for tagging by maker such as !maker: john_scorpy. Don't forget to include the maker and graphic type tags when you post! :) (Also remind me if I forget...) We can of course add just as many own tags as we want, I'm thinking that since we'll probably icon a lot of farscape, we should tag at least that stuff more specifically, like 'character: stark' or 'episode: farscape - what was lost'.

UPDATE 13.4.!!!:
- please take a look at the profile layouts sayuri_x linked to and share your thoughts! :)
- ghanimasun came up with a brilliant idea to make a mood theme together (we can set up the journal before it's finished of course). Who's up for this?
- bizarra suggested that we can all make an icon for the journal and rotate what's in use. This does seem the fairest to me. Of course none of you *have* to do this. I'll definitely give it a go though! :)
- it looks like the second layout is the most popular, but do tell if you absolutely hate it and what would you have instead. Also there are two versions (one with b&w, one with the colors), so which one would you guys want, or possibly a modified version of the colors (how)? I LOOOVE the color scheme of the colored one so my vote goes there, but I want everyone else to like what we have too. We'll make the text a bit bigger for bizarra! :)
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