March 30th, 2012


50 icons, Farscape and I Am Number Four

The Farscape set is for farscape_20in20, round 16. The other set is a random one I made about the film I Am Number Four which I recently watched and really liked and thought it looked pretty iconable ^^

I don't know why I'm feeling so creative lately despite being so freaking stressed and busy - shouldn't those things kill creativity? - but instead I'm clinging to every second I can snurch for iconing and making the most of it. I hope this spirit shows in this set, which I once again REALLY enjoyed doing, I made these in like two days. I'm just not comfortable posting before the last minute, idk why :>
In the Farscape set, 'slash' (yay for that theme again!) is inspired by my very early attempts at iconing. I always tried to icon those images but never quite got it. I think I'm happy with it now. Took long enough ;)

(Also, in case you're wondering if you should try manipulating your html pages with Javascript through DOM just because you think it's more elegant than letting everything run on the server side, when it's required nowhere in the specification of your stupid school programming project and everyone else is just taking the easy way... ... ...DON'T. You'll end up losing countless headachy hours for nothing. Just had to get that off my chest! :P)

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