March 25th, 2012

t-bag: they always try to run away

A look at my first 10 rounds at farscape_20in20

I'm pretty much done with my 16th round entry for farscape_20in20. I'll tweak them a bit and then send them. But before that I'd just like to look back to my first ten(!!!) rounds there. I feel like most of my progress has happened while I've been participating there, I've tried new styles with each set, and no matter what it was, the awesome people there have always been supportive.

Here are the links and previews of my entries, in order of how successful the set was (starting with the one that did best):

Collapse )

So that was all :D

I'd like to hear your opinions on which entries should have been higher or lower on the list or if there's a style in these you'd like me to go for again? (I may have to throw something at you if you say I was at my best on those earliest two sets though! x) ) I would never do a complete style rollback but I'm always curious to know if people liked my old stuff better and what they would want me to incorporate into my newer sets from the older sets :) I'm not asking about this to do better in polls, I think one of the most positive aspects of improvement for me has been my change of attitude. So the whole listing thing with the scores and all is just for my curiosity, not so that I could use it to scientifically calculate formulas for even more successful sets, lol :D

I hope making a post like this isn't too self-indulgent. If you want, I can totally comment something similar to you of course - give me a few links to some of your icon entries, Farscape or not, and I can list my favorites or something? Anyway I'm just being nostalgic here, I think 10 is a nice round number and the fact that I haven't skipped one round since I first started participating is something to be proud of imo! ^^ I hope you'll like my next entry, I've had lots of inspiration again lately :D (sorta lacked it for the Buffy + BBT icons set, but now it's alive and kicking again!)

Thank you sayuri_x for bringing the comm back and just being awesome at modding, and also similar thanks to regularamanda for the earlier rounds. I hope to see the comm stay alive for a long, long time! ♥