March 2nd, 2012

t-bag: they always try to run away

Some icon-related stuff (big surprise there!)

I'm really busy (THAT'S PRETTY MUCH A CHRONIC DISEASE FOR ME OK?), but I'll make a short post saying that I'm still very much considering that icon journal idea. Now I'm really starting to icon other fandoms than Farscape and I think it would be much clearer to separate the 'iconing me' from the 'posting random ramblings me'.

And then I kind of thought it would be really cool not to do it alone, you know? I have many friends here that I know are really talented with icons. It would be a great honor to me to have an icon journal together with some of you. Idk, I just think it could be fun. Let me know if you'd have any interest in this? If not it's ok and I'll probably make one for my own use soon enough :)

Also, I've been asked to make a few guides/tutorials for farscape_land, which is OMG SO COOL and such an honor. So I'd like to know if there's anything in particular I should teach? I'm thinking more of guides of certain aspects than 'here are the selective coloring numbers, make this same icon I made' type of tutorials, but if you'd like I could definitely make a step by step tutorial for some of my icons too if I just knew which ones you'd be interested in. I already have ones for these two:
, just haven't posted them yet :) But is there anything else? It would be no trouble at all, I actually really love to write them :D