February 20th, 2012

dorian & henry

20 Harry Potter icons for inspired20in20

So I guess I made a set for the 7th round of inspired20in20! The theme for this round was Attraction. At first I thought this was going to be a nice fiasco because there are movies and shows way more sexually expressive than Harry Potter, and I don't really even ship any of the characters (anymore). But then I thought about it again and realized I didn't want to change my claim, but instead take this as a challenge, and I think I did alright. There are still some things I'd change if I had the time but for the most part I'm actually quite happy with the set, and I hope you enjoy it too. If it seems a bit unclear in some of the icons how it relates to the attraction theme, it's most likely one of those icons where I just saw a cap and went all 'god, how attractive is he/she in this one? Definitely fits the theme!' ;)

Also, I can't believe how weird and scary and great it feels to post an icon set of something other than Farscape. I mean, srsly! About time I tried something else, no? :P

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