January 2nd, 2012

desmond another life

Farscape_20in20: Round 13 icons

My entry for the 13th round of farscape_20in20. Overall I'm quite happy with this set - I can't believe how much I enjoyed making these. The broader themes left so much room for creativity! Sorry I went all texture crazy again :P I was really inspired by lights this time and that's why there's random glow on most of these. I tried some pretty risky colorings too, I hope it works for you.
Oh, and I just noticed less than an hour ago that I was missing one icon. I can't believe I was that careless! So the result was a quick last minute icon that looks like crap and I hate it, but I'm not telling (yet) which one it is cause then its crappiness would be just highlighted. :D

* Take any you want.
* Credit john_scorpy if used.
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