December 14th, 2011

t-bag: they always try to run away

Tell me about your screens! :P

I'm freaking out a little cause I've noticed that whenever I visit thyla87 and make or look at icons on her computer, they look totally different than on mine. I mean, I can make an icon at home and love it and then when I see it on another screen it's HIDEOUS! D: So the question to naturally enter my mind is: how do I know what sorts of screens everyone else has? What are your brightness and contrast settings? I feel my screen might bee on too much brigthness and contrast, resulting in my icons lacking just that (cause my screen gives these to them autimatically!). I mean they look seriously bland on her screen, lacking both color depth (this might be another setting entirely, a color profile or something? Or probably just a natural result of her brightness being higher than mine while contrast being low?) and contrast. o_O It really bothers me cause now it feels like success at icon communities is partly just random chance at who happens to have similar enough settings to mine, and who sees my icons as crap. SO GIVE ME NUMBERS PLZ (especially everyone from farscape_20in20 ) so I can adjust my settings to  match what seems to be the average. :D THANKS IN ADVANCE if anyone will relieve my stress by sharing their screen secrets. :P