November 28th, 2011

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20 Harvey icons

So here's my entry for the 12th round of the wonderful farscape_20in20.

My claim was my second favorite character Harvey (cause I had already done Scorpy). I LOVE Harvey, so I stressed a lot about these - wouldn't want to disgrace him with an ugly set. But in the end I think I'm happy with these. Once again I concentrated mostly on coloring, and tried new things, but new in a different way than in the last set. No more pastels, people! Not much at least.
I had the most trouble with Faceless, because there aren't many (if any) faceless Harvey pics available, so I had to do something pretty clumsy in order to fulfill the challenge, and the whole theme isn't 'harveylike' at all, Faceless icons are artistic and sensitive while Harvey is all about FUN! :D That's what I tried to emphasize in my set anyway, hope it works for you! ^^

I assure you that every single pic I used *is* about Harvey and not Scorpy, even though they look the same. I tried to use ones where you could see that, but that wasn't always possible; Smile is from Dog with Two Bones and Looking Up from Different Destinations. I even included a quote from the scene so it would be more apparent :p Speaking of which, I got very verbal this time. There's text in like half of these. But I think that fits the character, he has so many funny quotes and pics that it isn't hard to come up with a good text for an icon, and if it comes naturally, WHY STOP IT :D

Take all you want, credit if used, don't hotlink please and most importantly if you have any opinions of these, positive or negative, do express them. ^^

Warning: Oddly enough, this post spoils Battlestar Galactica a little bit :D

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