November 19th, 2011

t-bag: they always try to run away

I did it!!!! Am I awesome or what??

Really, I feel like a fucking war hero or something. I managed to somehow divide my extremely limited time between reading for an exam and making two big school projects, the hardest task being a HUUUGE programming project. Yet I didn't give up, even though I totally considered it for a while. I'm such a lazy person by nature, and also so much into my freetime hobbies, that it took a tremendous amount of self discipline not to do anything else than these school things during a day. Honestly for the past few weeks all I've done is program, eat and sleep, and somehow still manage the two other projects. It sounds so cliched, but I think this project made me stronger. It certainly taught me how hard-working I can be if my mind is really set on something. I think I also got traumatized enough by the unbearable stress level that from now on I'll understand to a) start the projects EARLY and b) not try to do everything alone even though I'm an unsocial geek and don't usually feel like asking complete strangers to form a group with me.

This must sound awfully lame to someone who doesn't program and doesn't know how extremely frustrating it can be, especially when making your first bigger program like this was to me, and writing it in an unfamiliar programming language too, but really, I'm so proud of myself. :) It was also kind of cool to stay at school and program like crazy till 3am the day before deadline. I think I've lost some pounds during these weeks (and I didn't have many to begin with), I didn't even realize how little I ate and slept. :p

But God does it feel good to listen to some music, make some icons and just RELAX for a little while (a full exam week is lurking behind the next corner, but at least I'm better prepared now). Also a random note: 100x100 icons feel soooo big and roomy now after I've had to make tiny little 20x20 icons for the program.