September 29th, 2011

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Help me

OK, so I need your help. I've been veeeery busy lately and pretty stressed out too, and it isn't even exam week yet at the uni. So I have a few hard choices to make here, especially considering that I want to participate in Nanowrimo in November again, and will be especially busy at that time.

I feel like I should try to diminish the time I spent online/making things for online communities, even though I love that so much :/ Specifically:

farscape_land will start a new phase very soon so I have to quickly make up my mind if I want to participate or not. The first phase was very fun and I love the people and challenges there, but it's also a bit stressing because I'm a perfectionist and feel bad whenever I fail to be 100% perfect at something. Especially when it's not just my own success, but the team's too! I KNOW I TAKE FUN GAMES TOO SERIOUSLY D: I could stay there and just try to take it easier and see if I have time for it. But it feels a bit cheap, like I'm taking someone else's place in a team, so instead of a very active member they get me. D: I don't know.

farscape_20in20 is another community that I love but that takes a lot of my time, as I have started to spend more and more effort and time on my icons there. My perfectionism is reaching new heights, as every time someone else posts their icons I take a look at what I've made and go all 'omfg, I must start over, this isn't HALF as good as theirs, I CAN'T post it', so... a lot of extra time spent :'DD I'm especially certain that I won't be able to do make icons on November when I have to concentrate on writing.

Anyway, about NaNoWriMo - why do I have to write THAT much, you might ask, wouldn't it be easier to just customize myself a smaller-scale challenge? I don't work like that, sadly. I'm lazy and very, very routine-oriented. If I take something specifically into my daily routine, and have to keep 'officially' track of it (like we do on the nanowrimo page), it will probably get done. And if that element is missing, I get NOTHING done. I've finished two nanos, so I know I can do it, but it does take almost all my free time (depending on my courses at school too). I haven't written anything for a long time, except for a few little oneshots, so it would be awesome to write once again, but at the same time I'm very sad about the possibility of not having time for icons again, because I've become to love this new hobby SO MUCH. But maybe a break would be good to give me new inspiration, since I did have trouble coming up weith anything new on the last round of 20in20. I don't know.

So please answer the following poll and it would be awesome to hear comments about WHAT THE FRELL TO DO :D

What should I do??

Leave farscapeland
Take a break from farscape20in20
Don't do nanowrimo, stay in both comms
Try to do everything, it's perfectly possible if you stop being such a perfectionist about it
Try to do everything and if it's impossible then leave something out
Leave both comms at least for the nanowrimo time, then come back
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