September 9th, 2011

t-bag: they always try to run away


Wow, I've received a ton of comments lately, and you guys have also posted some interesting stuff I need to comment on. I'll try to go through some of this this weekend, but I've been incredibly busy again. The reason for this is that I've programmed the first version of my lovely little icon-making tool, and then used it like crazy. For something made in less than a week I must say it's excellent and I'm just so proud of myself :D :D The development is far from over though since I intend to do this in increments, starting the next phase right after the previous one is complete; this way I always have an updated version at my use and can add more and more complex features when I feel the need to. I'm super excited! ^^

So, it might take some time to answer to everything and also comment on everything I have intended to, and I'm sure I've already forgotten half of the things I need to do, which I'm really sorry about. But I already want to thank everyone for any comments you've left me :)