August 27th, 2011


Season 3 icons for farscape_20in20

My entry for the 9th round of the awesome farscape_20in20. I claimed the 3rd season.

I have to confess something: I'm a total texture junkie. These have approximately seven hundred billion textures each. Gah. I've always liked to use them, but I guess the Category theme really triggered a large-scale addiction now :D I also have the obsession to tweak my icons until I go crazy; really, I uploaded 63 freaking icons, almost all of which were just slightly different versions of the same ideas. So now I decided that I'll post what I have and be done with it. That's also why I'm posting alternatives for the first time; there were so many to choose from and I'm still not sure if I made the right choices, so at least I want to show some of the rest too :P

Take all you want as long as you don't hotlink, credit would be appreciated, and, most importantly, please do comment! :)


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